Boracawaii 2016 Part 2 ~ Day 4 – Day 8 ♥

Hi!! Thanks for following our #Boracawaii2016 story! We’re just halfway done with our trip and we’ve already checked a lot of stuff from our trip’s bucket list! ;w; For your reference, part 1 can be found here: LINK

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Boracay 201613

On day 4, we decided to go island hopping! :D

Day 4 am BG

♥ Day 4 OOTDs – A.M. ♥ We went snorkeling today so we wore our swimsuits!

We chartered a private boat to take us to different places around the island. We paid 350php each ~

Day 4 (1)

Haha we took pictures of each other while riding the e-trike

Day 4 (2)

While waiting for the boat to arrive at the front beach~ Wait, where’s Justin?

Day 4 (3)

Oh there he is haha

Day 4 (4)

All aboard!

Day 4 (5)

Aww ♥

Day 4 (6)


Day 4 (7)

Dreaming of Kuwait #IWillKuwaitForYou

Day 4 (8)

A fine day for island hopping ~

Day 4 (9)

Smell the fresh yet salty sea air :D

Day 4 (10)

Too cute 4 u

Day 4 (11)

Bring me the horizon!

Our first stop was a snorkeling spot near Crocodile Island. Don’t worry, it’s named like that because it’s shaped like a crocodile, and not because of what might be lurking about in the water LOL :))

Boracay 201609

Crocodile-less crocodile-shaped island

We donned our snorkeling gear (provided by the boatmen) and snorkeled away~ (> ▽ <;) There were lots of colorful fishies and HUGE corals underwater! I saw a Dory and a Nemo hehehe :3 Also, I scraped my toe on a GIANT coral beside the boat, ouch >3< good job chichi

Day 4 (12)

See that giant boulder underneath me? That’s actually a gigantic brain coral! *A*

Day 4 (13)

Is this Kaila or Ashley? D: IDK because goggles

Last year, we got the chance to feed the fish while snorkeling! We didn’t get that chance this time. :c (PS the boatmen that were assigned to us this time were kinda..irritable and un-friendly >__>)

After snorkeling, we ate some ice cream pops on the boat, then convinced the boatmen to take us to Crystal Cove island. Weirdly, the boatmen seemed to be totally against the idea, but still they complied with frowns on their faces. :)))

Day 4 (14)

Crystal Cove because no one can stop us bwahahahahaha

Crystal cove is a small island across Boracay, and it was developed by the local government to have a lot of picture-worthy photo-op spots and scenery. It also had 2 coves/caves, which were semi-filled with sea water. The island was like a park, and it was so beautiful. If I were a billionaire, I’d want an island like this for myself please LOL (^▽^).

Day 4 (15)

Hot sun and cool breeze~

At this point, Francis and I got separated from the rest of the group for some reason, so brace yourselves for a series of photos that involve only myself. (゜▽゜;)

Day 4 (16)

The sea spray felt so nice and cool!

Day 4 (17)

Mermaid rocks behind me

Day 4 (18)

This bahay kubo hanging from a cliff is a nice place to chill

Day 4 (19)

What’s that? Another crystal cove island? :o What’s it called??

Day 4 (20)

This tower said “Baywatch” on its wall

Day 4 (21)

The view is so nice up here

Day 4 (22)

Smelling this island

Day 4 (23)

I wonder if those are coral reefs under the water?

Day 4 (24)

peace v(* 3 *)v peace

Day 4 (25)

Saw this cute little boat on our way to Cove 2 (which was filled with other tourists so we couldn’t get in)

Day 4 (27)

Crystal cove got these nice nipa huts with an amazing view of the sea!

Day 4 (28)

Reunited and it feels so good! haha randomly bumped into the rest of the group

Day 4 (26)

Senyora Kaye-kaye

Day 4 (29)

More kalachuchi!

kaye 1

She literally asked for this shot hahahaha (photo by Kaila)

After 30 minutes, the boatmen urged us to get back to the boat. >3> We didn’t complain because we were also getting hungry at that point. The boat traveled around Boracay island across huge waves. Yup. However, I think the scenery made the trip worth it. We saw a lot of caves along the way, and marvelous rock formations and cute little islets.

Boracay 201608

I wonder of people actually enter these caves?

Boracay 201610

Some lucky locals got this mini-beach for themselves. It also has a lot of shade!

Day 4 (36)

Nice camera! ♥

Day 4 (38)

Stolen shot?? D:

Boracay 2016025

Rock formation #34

Boracay 2016024

Rock formation #225

Boracay 2016023

Rock formation #8348908210304

For our last stop, the boatmen took us to.. Puka beach. They took us to a restaurant so we could eat lunch there (they didn’t give us a chance to choose where we’d like to eat, lol, so we just concluded that they have an agreement with this restaurant). It was okay with us, since the restaurant staff were so warm and kind (in contrast with the boatmen hahaha sorry).

We ordered food, but what we didn’t know was that when they meant “for sharing”, it meant that one serving can feed a family of eight. :)))

Day 4 (31)

Francis and I walked around the beach while waiting for the food

Day 4 (32)

He said he’d take blogger-like photos of me LMAO

Food arrived 30 minutes after we ordered. The servings were HUGE. As in fiesta-sized. For example, Kaye’s sinigang na hipon had around 30 pcs of shrimps in it, Kaila’s order of sweet and spicy pork was served in a large platter, and Ashley’s adobong manok was served in an even larger one. :))) We ended up having too much food, which we still almost finished because we were so hungry hahaha. We took some of the remaining food to go. :)

Day 4 (34)

Some dishes were normal-sized, especially grilled meats

After billing out, we had a feeling that the boatmen were getting impatient, so we immediately went back to the boat. :))

Day 4 (35)

“Now I’m full, time for an afternoon nap :)) on a boat”

Day 4 (39)

Ashley and Justin continued sight-seeing

Day 4 (40)

I cheerfully asked the boatmen if I could stand up and take a photo at the boat’s front mast (I asked because it was a bit risky since there’s a chance  I can get off-balance and fall). They just nodded with a frown without looking at me .______. ok

Day 4 (41)

We still enjoyed ourselves though hehehe >3< Better hold on tight to that pole :)))

And because we took a lot of time ordering and eating, we over-timed (according to the boatmen). So they made us pay an overtime fee of 500 pesos as soon as we got back to the front beach.( = 3 = ) pfft

We went back to our hotels at midday so we could shower and freshen up. We headed back to the beach at around 4pm, and walked to Station 1 to get some of the famous Jonah’s fruit shakes.

Day 4 pm BG

♥ Day 4 OOTDs – P.M. ♥

Day 4 (42)

Yuss fresh again!

Day 4 (44)

Lifeguard duties

Day 4 (45)

I look so smol haha


Kanya-kanyang photoshoot haha

Day 4 (46)

Afternoon sun ray~


Not staged at all? ?

The line at Jonah’s was so long, and the orders were taking forever to complete as well. Half an hour after ordering, we ate nachos, isaw, and finally, drank our smoothies, while watching the sunset.

Day 4 (47)

Yummiest nachos I’ve ever tasted. We bought these from the Mexican food stall beside Jonah’s.

Day 4 (48)

My all-time favorite, isaw! I love Boracay’s version of isaw~ so clean, and swimming  in sweet sauce!

Afterwards, we met up with Ashley and Justin to try the bingsu place we saw in DMall the day before. Kaila has never tasted bingsu before so we were excited to try Boracay’s version of bingsu with her. Anyway, it was kinda disappointing because: 1. it was a lot more expensive aaggh, 2. not all flavors were available (only mango and chocolate @_@), 3. the serving was teeny-tiny sized, 4. the mangoes were still kinda sour. I suddenly missed Nunsan’s bingsu! ;A;


Lots of room for improvement~ :)

We spent the rest of the night just strolling around the beachfront, and finding places to sit hehehe. After agreeing about what we would do on the next day, we headed back to the hostel early to prepare for tomorrow and relax. :)

☁ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☁

title Day 5(5)

Our 5th day was Ashley’s and Justin’s check out day in Boracay, so we all agreed to cross to mainland Caticlan and take a road trip to Antique.

Day 5 BG

♥ Day 5 OOTDs ♥

Trivia: Both Kaila’s mom and our mom have roots in Antique! Maybe that’s why sometimes we look the same??! O M G cousin twinnieieieie?!?! :))

The trip was arranged by Francis’s parents. They even lent us their new L300 van, gave us gas money, cooked spaghetti and hotdogs for our trip, and found us a driver! Such generosity huhu thank you, Nanay and Papa! ♥ :) They advised us to visit Malalison island and Malumpati cold springs, which were both in Antique. Francis’s nephew, Bom-bom, also went with us! :D

Day 5 (1)

Miles and miles of greenery

Day 5 (2)

Kaila and Kaye looking at the scenery

Day 5 (3)

“Corazon” :)))

Day 5 (4)

Some houses were fields apart

After an hour or so, we reached the port where we could rent a boat that would take us across the sea to Malalison island.

Day 5 (5)

The port was behind the city hall.

Day 5 (7)

Here’s the port!

Day 5 (6)

We were instructed to pay terminal fees here. Payment for the boat ride would be paid on the boat itself.

Day 5 (8)

They were selling a number of interesting handmade souvenirs here!

Day 5 (9)

Cute yellow jeepney!

Day 5 (10)

The boat ride was approx. 15 minutes. I think the island looks like a woman lying on her tummy :D

Day 5 (11)

The sea was literally so BLUE. It’s the bluest sea I have ever seen!

The island was like an underdeveloped mini-Boracay island, with a white sand beach and and a sand bar too! There was no electricity in the island so the locals charged solar-powered batteries during the day. We got there at midday so it was so hot, we didn’t get the chance to check out the island’s scenic hilltops. Maybe next time? :)

Day 5 (13)

Finally landed on Malalison Island!

Day 5 (23)

That small teal boat is our boat!

Day 5 (12)

Blue sky and a rainbow dress = Kaila :D

Day 5 (14)

Thank you, Francis for my photos!! :))

Day 5 (15)

Had lots of fun posing with the sea haha excuse me

Day 5 (18)

I am partially Antiqueñan! Mabuhay! :D

Day 5 (20)

To friendship! Love them so much <3

I just want to say that I’m really thankful that I got to share this memorable vacation with these girls right here (and with Justin and Francis too!). :) I feel really lucky to have been able to get to know them better during this trip (especially, this day). :D

Day 5 (21)

It looks like I’m touching Kaila’s butt here hehehh (grabbed from Kaila’s camera)

Day 5 (16)

Sandbar, some hills, and a small commercial area at the beach front.

kaye 4

Kaye is wearing a Mad Tee Party shirt!

Day 5 (22)

In between two shores

Day 5 (24)

I couldn’t read nor understand the phrase written in faded red paint. What does it say?

Day 5 (25)

Thirst quenched!!! #TasteTheFeeling

Day 5 (26)

Mararison / Malalison, both are correct, I think?

Day 5 (27)


Day 5 (28)

The island looked so festive with loud music and dancing kids!

Day 5 (29)

What a nice hangout place!

Day 5 (31)

Found more kalachuchi!

Day 5 (33)

Ooh nice seal

Day 5 (35)

Mainland Antique behind me

We sailed back to the mainland after an hour so we could head to our next destination: Malumpati Cold Springs!

Day 5 (38)

Some were already leaving, but there was still a lot of people left

Day 5 (37)

It looks crowded but it’s flowing water, so we just decided to follow upstream

I’ve only been to a cold spring once, in Nabas, and I almost forgot how cold the water was. Malumpati was surely a tourist spot, because even though it was located in an extremely remote place, it was filled with local and even foreign tourists!

Like in an “Authentic Filipino family outing” (as coined by Kaila LOL), we ate our spaghetti, hotdogs, and chikin before swimming. Francis’s aunt’s home-cooked spaghetti is THE BEST!

It was so funny, because we sort of thought that the water would be a bit warm because of all the people swimming in it, but we were so wrong. The water was not cool, it was COLD. :))) And for a spring, it was very deep!

Day 5 (36)

“Let’s twirl while holding hands in a circle!!!” *everyone struggles to twirl* “ok bad idea”

We laughed our heads off the first time we soaked our feet in the water, because the coldness of it was so surprising hahaha. “HAHAHAHAHA WTF HOW ABOUT NO” :))) However, the moment I submerged my whole body in the water, I initially thought I’d chill to death, but no, weirdly enough, it was so refreshing! Ay, heaven. My gosh it felt like all the stress from the summer heat was miraculously being sucked away by the water.(*▽*)

Also, waddling around in the water in a fat floatie was so fun! The stones that surround the spring were covered in moss and were really slippery and icky, but we didn’t mind. We had tons of fun, like a bunch of kids frog-swimming in a dirty pond (well the spring was not dirty, but it had a lot of fallen leaves from the huge huge trees that surround it).

Day 5 (41)

How to steer while in a floatie??

Day 5 (40)

Enjoy the little things

Day 5 (39)

Don’t swim so near the diving board!

Day 5 (42)

Hehe Francis didn’t want to go into the water at first, but got tempted by all the fun we were having hahaha

Day 5 (43)

Proud of Kaye for doing a lot of things for the first time lately haha

We left the spring just before the sun started to set. ♥ ♥ ♥

We drove Ashley and Justin to Ashley’s grandma’s house in Ibajay. It was her grandma’s birthday so we greeted her! :D She had such a sweet home! ♥

Day 5 (45)

Such a nice garden!

Day 5 (46)

Roadside flowers ♥

See you back in Manila, Ashley and Justin! ♥ Thanks for the warm company!

After dropping off Ashley and Justin, we drove back to Caticlan. We were so tired from swimming and felt so fresh from the cold springs (the magic of water from the mountains yes)~ that some of us fell asleep. :) When we woke up, we were already in front of Francis’s parent’s junk shop in Caticlan, and it was already dark. We went inside and thanked them profusely, and rode a trike back to the jetty port to get back to Boracay again. :)

Day 5 (47)

I love the term “jetty port”. Jetty port jetty port jetty port

Day 5 (48)

This way, please

Back in Boracay, we were hungry again LOL so we headed straight to DMall to eat dinner. We ate at Hoy Panga again, and boy, did we regret it. > A <

Day 5 (49)

At least their Gambas was good~

♥ REMINDER ♥ Please do not smoke on the beachfront. (Municipal Ordinance 272). And a shout-out to restaurant owners: please stop tolerating your guests when they do smoke on your premises, especially on your dining areas. Not cool =_=

After a series of unfortunate events during dinner, we strolled along the beach like we always do, and found a young man selling some light-up pseudo-fire-dancing toys. Of course I bought a pair hahahahahh (100 php for the large balls).

Kaila and I had a lot of fun showing off our skillz HAHAHAHA and fighting each other to the death with these light-up balls :)))

Day 5 (50)

Awkward pose but mad skills brah

Day 5 (51)

Just kidding IDK what I’m doing

Finally, feeling exhausted from such a fun day, we headed back to the hostel.~ Good night! ♥

☁ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☁

Boracay 201614

It was Sunday, so we decided to just relax today. We channeled our inner “madam” and went to the beach in long, senyorita-like dresses hahaha :)) (Also, we miss Ashley+Justin! clingy much)

Day 6 BG

♥ Day 6 OOTDs ♥

For lunch, we checked out rank 1 in Ashley’s top 10 restaurants in Boracay: the Sunny Side Cafe in station 3! :)

Day 6 (7)

The Sunny Side Cafe can be found at Station 3, at The Sands Resort/Hotel.

Day 6 (1)

Brunch beauties~

Day 6 I (7)

Thank you Kaila for this cute picture of us!

Day 6 (3)

Gonna try their pastries next time!

We tried their bestsellers, their special beef tapa and watermelon shake.


Their beef tapa was really delicious! The sauce can be a bit too sour for some tastes though, but I think that’s because they’ve incorporated the vinegar dip with the tapa already (usually, it’s separate)

Day 6 (5)

My 6th watermelon shake in this trip so far, haha

Day 6 (4)

Golden girl hehe

After lunch, we walked around the beach until we found a place where we could hang out madam-style. :))

Day 6 I (5)

Checking out the view from Zucchero Cafe’s 2nd floor! ♥ (grabbed from Kaila’s cam)

Day 6 I (6)

Lola Tinidora, Lola Nidora, and Lola Tidora (charot)

Here we talked about our plans about possibly opening up a small cute crafts/souvenir shop in Boracay in the future! Kawaii PH Store in Boracay, why not! ^_^

Day 6 (14)

Their halo-halo is the best we’ve tasted in the island so far!

Day 6 (9)

Bae-watching 8D just kidding haha sorry Kaye’s BF that was a joke

Day 6 (11)

Knowing myself, if my skirt were any longer I would have found a way to trip while sitting here and fall to my death on the ground below hahah *shivers*

Day 6 (12)-horz

Careful careful! (Also, thank you for always braiding my hair, Kaila! #sisterette)

After we finished our Halo-halo and cake, we continued our stroll. Made me realize that a long, senyorita-like outfit is a terrible decision because phew it’s extra hot!!! ; A ;

Day 6 (20)

Gotta keep my legs ventilated ha ha

Day 6 I (4)

Wow we look 10 years more mature in these outfits

Francis helped me pick a new dress (it was also his idea that I should buy one lol) while Kaye helped Kaila pick a new swimsuit! :)

Day 6 (19)

#TitasOfBoracay waiting for me to finish picking a dress haha

Also, check out these really beautiful embroidered purses, handkerchiefs, and fans we found while looking for a dress!

Day 6 (18)


Day 6 (17)


Day 6 (16)


Day 6 (15)


We said we’d return on the next day to buy some of these beautiful embroidered things, but we forgot to do so :c

Anyway, we also watched the sunset that afternoon. Everything was so laid back and it was just so relaxing. (u3u) ♥

Day 6 (22)

Stolen shot but lookin’ fine, twini!

Day 6 (23)-horz

Not stolen shots hehe

Day 6 (25)

Pastel sunset on the background

Day 6 (26)

Advantage of long skirts though: instant beach mat hahah

Day 6 (27)-horz

Hello to the lady casually texting beside me and to the floating head on the photo on the right

Day 6 (21)

People swimming among the paraws

Kaila wanted to eat dinner at a place with live music, so we ate at Red coconut. I was running out of money lol so I ordered the meal with the best value: Seafood Paella, which had rice, veggies, and seafood in one plate, for 300php (still expensive for me but anyway T_T) I think it was supposed to be for sharing because the serving was too big. Anyway, we shared food with each other and enjoyed listening to beautiful, live acoustic music.

Day 6 (30)

Mom would love these lamps for her garden

Day 6 (31)

House blend

Day 6 (32)

Seafood paella

Day 6 (33)

♥ Family ♥

Day 6 (34)

Don’t be fooled, these servings are HUGE

Day 6 (29)

So dalaga ♥

After the singing, a group of folk dancers entertained us with fun folk dances! Kaila and I even tried to dance tinikling onstage HAHAHAH

For the finale, a group of professional fire dancers took the stage. They are by far the BEST fire dancers I have ever watched. They looked like fire benders!!! D:

Day 6 (36)

They looked so surreal, like they could command fire or something

Day 6 (37)

And their faces looked so chill while performing

Day 6 (38)

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked

Day 6 (40)-vert

“I do this everyday”

Day 6 (41)-horz

Fire dancing level 99,000

Tummies full to bursting and musical cravings satisfied, we walked to Station 3 and took an E-trike back to the hostel. :)

☁ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☁

Boracay 201602

Last full day~

Aah, the last day of our #Boracawaii2016 trip. :) We’d be flying back to Manila on the next day at noon. Anyway, we agreed to make this day count, and just have lots of fun. :D

♥ Day 7 OOTDs ♥

♥ Day 7 OOTDs ♥

First, we went to E-Mall/E-talipapa (the old talipapa, before D-talipapa, before it burned down) to buy some pasalubong/souvenirs. Kaila bought a baby blue tiny guitar! :D

Day 7 (1)

Usual souvenirs include these colorful magnets, keychains, shirts and bags, shell bracelets, and more.

Day 7 (2)

Kaila picking pasalubong for her loved ones back home :D

Day 7 (3)

This shop is one of the biggest souvenir shops I’ve seen here

Day 7 (4)

Colorful fishies

Day 7 (5)

Shells (though I doubt they really came from the island)

Afterwards, we went to D-talipapa to buy more pasalubong! Bought a rainbow dreamcatcher for Kaila, so she’ll always be reminded to go and catch her dreams (lol sabaw??) :)

Boracay 201611

Some overpriced mangoes (I’m so sorry but we have mango trees back home so 30 pesos per mango is SO EXPENSIVE for me T-T)

Boracay 201612

They have other fruits too!

Day 7 (6)

Cool pendants I couldn’t afford (also, they didn’t have my birthstone, Opal)

Day 7 I (4)

LOL my bayong is so huge

Day 7 I (2)

Whoops spotted something in this store~

Day 7 I (1)

..A rainbow dream catcher for my twinni Kaila <3

Around lunchtime, we had our last lunch in Boracay at Bonchon. :D

Day 7 (7)

Tadaaa~ this was the dress Francis picked for me! It’s so cute! >3<

Day 7 (8)

This gumamela hedge was so lovely

After lunch, we headed back to the beach to the Baracuda Bar at station 2 to rent one of their umbrella seats in the beachfront. The umbrella seat was 100 php per hour per table, and there were 2 umbrella seats per table. Also, if you rent their umbrella seats, you can avail the “Buy 1 Take 1 promo” on their fruit shakes (100 php for 2 shakes!) :D

Day 7 (27)

The Baracuda Bar is just beside Zucchero Cafe de Boracay (the yellow green cafe with a 2nd floor veranda)

Day 7 (9)

Simple and clean is the way that you’re making me feeeel … today

We bought pearl necklaces (friendship necklaces, according to us lol) from locals who were vending them around the beach. After buying, Kaila got sleepy so she napped for a bit while Kaye and I took pictures of each other doing Yowa-yowa levitating jump shots! :)

Day 7 (12)

Kaye mastered the art of taking yowa-yowa shots in the first try lol!

Day 7 (13)

Obligatory leap shots are my thing

Day 7 (14)

Taught Kaye how to do it too!

Day 7 (16)-horz

Then she taught me how to pose

Day 7 (19)

Flatlay attempt

Day 7 (20)

The sky was so clear!

Day 7 (21)

People who can swim at 12 NOON D: ??? !! HOW??

Francis left to buy me a coconut juice (on a coconut) haha, and when he got back, Kaila, Kaye, and I randomly formed a girl group called “The Coconut Girls” and sang “A coconut-nut” with Kaila’s tiny guitar and used Kaye’s shell bag as drums. :)))) Wat

Day 7 (22)

In fairness, their coconut juice was indeed fresh and sweet!

Day 7 I (8)

Coconut girls and their manager

Day 7 I (6)

This coconut was so heavy though

Day 7 (23)

Day 7 (24)

Friend duties

Day 7 (25)

Lying on lounge chairs made us feel so sleepy

Day 7 (26)

This dress makes me look slimmer for some reason hahaha

After drinking our coconut juice, we continued to walk towards the cliff-side road at the far end of the front beach. It was a long, harsh trek under the burning sun. I felt like I was going to faint lol ;A; It was 3pm dear glob! T___T ///instantregret …or not??

Day 7 (28)-vert

Walking under the sun at 3:00pm = torture TAT But here it looks like we were enjoying it?? :))

Day 7 (30)-vert

Heatstroke in 3..2..1..

When we reached the end of the beach, we were treated to an awesome scenery~

Day 7 (36)

Not a lot of people know about this place~

The long hellish trek under the sun was worth it!

Day 7 (32)

This is one of those “no pain, no gain” moments we can tell to our grandkids someday haha

Day 7 (34)

Hello from the other siiiide…of the front beach

Day 7 I (9)

Thank you, Kaila for this stolen pic of me finally enjoying some shade

Day 7 (39)

The breeze in this place was just heavenly

Day 7 (38)

Careful, chichi these rocks are sharp as heck

Day 7 (40)

“I’m the queen of the woooorld”

Day 7 (41)

Tried to look as chill as I could but the rocks were really sharp ha ha ><“

Day 7 (42)


Day 7 (45)-vert

There were also these beautiful little trees that were just asking to be sat on and posed with!

Day 7 (46)-vert

I need more posing lessons from Kaye omg

The best thing about this area? A shady corner of the beach! The mountain/cliff was partially blocking the intense afternoon sun, plus there were trees all around so the breeze was cool and fresh. Ahh at last we can swim at 3pm without getting burnt lol

Day 7 (48)

Shady beach (the good kind, haha)

The area had lots of tidal pools and huge little-mermaid-rocks too! It was very different from the rest of the front beach, and we were really lucky to have this area to ourselves. :3

Day 7 (49)

Now all we need is a mermaid tail

Day 7 (50)

The water was so clear!

Day 7 (51)

Marimar ehehe

Day 7 (52)-tilea

Wanna come back here in a mermaid costume ;A;

Day 7 (54)

Be careful, though! Some rocks are more slippery than the others, and some are really sharp too!

We took confidently cute pictures of ourselves haha instant pictorial :)))

kaye 2

Kaye (grabbed from Kaila’s camera)

Day 7 (56)

That’s not me LMAO (* A *)”

Day 7 I (10)

Stolen photo of me thinking of other poses to do (grabbed from Kaila’s camera)

Day 7 (57)

Flat rock slightly submerged in the water = perfect spot!!!

We also saw a poor thin limping dog whom we were sure was starving, so we gave him some of Kaye’s mango bars (blondie bars with mangoes in them). The dog looked so grateful and we were so sad to bid him goodbye when we left the area. :c

Day 7 (58)

The area was also littered with these cute little orange flowers

We continued our walk until the edge of the cliff, which was a popular cliff diving spot among the local kids.

Day 7 (60)

This kid willingly jumped for us so we could take his picture!

Day 7 (59)

The kids were yelling jump jump jump jump

Day 7 (61)

Not holding onto the railings because I’m a badass hahaha

Day 7 (62)

Finally blackmailed Kaye to take a picture on the cliff too! She was really scared lol

Day 7 (63)

Journey to the end of the front beach, accomplished!

Day 7 (64)

Cool rock formation :O I wonder if anyone had attempted to jump through this

We turned back at that point and walked back to the front beach. ♥

Day 7 (65)

Time to go back and catch our last sunset here

Day 7 I (12)

We fed the dog with more mango bars one last time before we left the area </3 T_T

Day 7 (67)

Mer-mer hair

The farther end of Station 1 had fewer people, and we saw some brave girls taking cute + sexy pictures of themselves in their swimsuits haha so we followed suit! :)

Day 7 (69)-tile

Yes werk it twinnie!

Day 7 (74)

Cutie patootie

Day 7 (76)

She kept laughing because of all the sexy poses we were making her do hahaha

Day 7 (78)

Warm sunset glow

Day 7 (79)

Booty goals

Day 7 (81)

HAHA this is the only sexy pose I know

Day 7 (80)

Marimar as heck

Day 7 (83)

Sergio wer r u

*Kaye didn’t want me to post her sexy ♥bikini♥ pictures hahahahaha SURE no problem ~ ~ ~ just gonna post this instead:


What a graceful little lady

After watching the sunset, Kaila went for another massage session on the beach, while Kaye, Francis, and I went for a last swim. When it was already dark, we bought and ate some isaw before riding a trike to D-Talipapa for our last activity: Paluto! :)

Day 7 (84)

I’ve always been a big fan of paluto!

Paluto is basically a cooking service in which you shall provide the main ingredients and the cooks shall do the rest. We bought 1.5 kg fresh huge prawns from the wet market for 600php per kilo, and asked the paluto restaurant to cook them into butter garlic prawns. The restaurant had an air-conditioned dining area on its attic, where we waited for our food to finish cooking.

Day 7 (85)

Fresh catch

Honestly, I can finish a whole kilogram of prawns/shrimps in one sitting. :))

Day 7 (86)

All-time favorite Paluto food (also, chili crabs!)

Ahh~ our last night in Boracay went just like that, with us taking a final stroll on the busy front beach. ♥

We stayed up late that night packing up our stuff for tomorrow’s departure.

☁ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☁

title Day8

♥ Home-bound ♥

 Time to head home and plan new adventures! ♥

We left the hostel early in the morning. We would like to thank the staff and owner of My Hostel Boracay for accommodating us and for our wonderful stay! ♥ Will definitely recommend your hostel to our friends~ :)

leaving hostel

Photo taken by the hostel’s owner, Manuel! ♥ (grabbed from their Facebook page)

Our flight home was scheduled at 11:30 am, so we were already in Caticlan by 7:00 am. We hired a tourist car again for 1,000 php so we can get to Kalibo airport fast. :)

DAY 801

Matchy-matchy sticker luggage with Twinnie Kaila

We arrived at Kalibo airport at 9:00 am, with just enough time to buy more pasalubong! I highly recommend the suman (wrapped rice cakes) that the locals are selling around the airport. They’re 100 php per basket, with 15 pcs. of suman in each basket. They have different kinds of suman so make sure you try everything! ♥

DAY 802

We’re going home, little chick


1/100 airport selfies, also boom Abby! haha how random

And that was it! ♥ Our super fun 9-day-vacation-on-a-budget that involved a lot of street smarts, sharing, and a huge amount of generosity from friends and family. This is definitely the best trip I have ever had so far! ♥

Thanks, Kaila, Kaye, Francis, Ashley and Justin for this unforgettable trip! :*

Day 8 I (4)

I also took home some dried fish/seafood, which is my family’s favorite pasalubong. We immediately cooked and ate some as soon as we got home! :)

☁ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☁

Check out this fun-filled video made by Kaila for our Boracawaii trip! ♥

If you have questions about our trip, please feel free to ask! :) ♥

Thanks for reading~ Also, please stay tuned for a “10 things to do in Boracay” cute infographic from us, illustrated by me! ♥ Please look forward to it~

Cheers, Chichi ♥