Kawaii PH Flea Market

Last Saturday, the Kawaii PH Flea Market was held in Venture Space, Shaw Boulevard! I’m sure some of you have already seen some pics and posts about it, but I’d like to share with you some scenes from the *organizer’s POV*. :)



The planning started way back in December, when our friend Justine Chantelle shared with us some photos from their Lolita Meet (if I remember correctly), and some photos from Tokyo Fashion about a flea market event in Harajuku. [Thanks, Ja! ♥] The idea was to create a mini bazaar in which sellers may trade or sell their pre-loved stuff. I love thrift shops and flea markets, so I said why not! :) The rest of the KPH team was very excited as well when I shared the idea with them. Plus, giving a new home to preloved clothes is a lot more eco-friendly than throwing them away and buying new ones. Reuse, reduce, recycle! :)

In January, we opened a thread in the Kawaii PH Groups for venue suggestions. The venue needed to be in the middle of EDSA, somewhere between North and South Metro Manila. One Kawaii PH Community member, Rin, suggested Venture Space, a new events place in Shaw Boulevard. They gave us a discount on the rental fee since it’s our first time there! :D

We visited the place around the start of February to see how it looks like in person. It was really nice and spacious, and it even has its own cafe inside! :) The only problem we observed is that it’s on the 2nd floor of the building, so we need extra effort to make it more accessible, which is not really that much of a problem if we set up a tarp outside and guide posters, especially since the building is just a 5-minute walk from Starmall Shaw! :)


They have cute latte art too! ♥


Kaye, Mikee, and me negotiating with Rin haha :)) Photo by Francis!

After the ocular visit + initial deposit, we finally opened booth registrations. :) We planned to have 20 booths.

Photo 31-01-2017, 6 13 37 PM

The registration was off to a good start, and half of the booths were already rented by the first week! :) Lots of people liked and shared our posters, which is always a good sign. :D


Like always, even though our posts were well-received, we were still really anxious! We really wanted for the event to go well especially for the sellers and attendees. We only had 3 weeks to prepare! As usual, my office at home was a huge mess during the last week of preparations. :) Printed out everything from my own printers (aside from the tarpaulins, of course haha)! Had to make sure everything would run smoothly! >3<

Kawaii PH Flea Market Poster-01


We rented a car+driver to take us to the venue early in the morning for the organizers’ ingress. The organizers’ ingress was at 7:30 AM, so we asked the driver to pick us up at home at 5 AM. However, we were really surprised when he honked at our gate at 3:15 AM! :)) I was just cooking breakfast and Kaye just woke up by then hahaha. The driver said he was paranoid about the traffic, since it was a Saturday. Anyway, we left the house at 3:45AM and got to the venue at 5:45am LOL (the driver was right, it was still very early but the traffic was already beginning to thicken). >3< Anyway, better 1.5 hours early than late! :)


Sorry for the crappy photo, it was still dark when I took this haha


We asked the guard if we could drop off our luggage in front of the building, because he said we couldn’t enter yet. They were still doing their morning ceremonies during that time, but he agreed and he even helped us and checked on us from time to time if we were doing OK. The security guards in this place were so kind and helpful! :)


It was still a bit dark when we arrived, and we couldn’t really do anything but to take selfies and OOTD shots of each other, hahaha!




Why is mine so close-up? @_@


We ate our drive-thru breakfast on the spot for energy. Mine was this Jollibee Pancake Sandwich, one of their best inventions LOL (pancakes + cheese + bacon + eggs!) so yummy but it looks so… NSFW wahahah 8D /sorry


Around 7am, it was already bright. The sky was blue and clear, we thought it was a good sign of a sunny day (??? dun dun dunn)~ A few moments later, a couple of Venture Space staff members finally arrived, so we were allowed to enter and go to the 2nd floor by then.


We registered at the lobby and I was given this ID number! (Yay favorite number!) The head of security helped us with our luggage and even operated the elevator for us. Thank you so much, kind sir! ♥

When we got to Venture Space, we immediately started marking the floors with masking tape to mark each booth’s boundaries.


Happy balloon girl

After setting up the booths and tables, we proceeded to doing the decorations. Kaye did the balloons, as usual! :D


We made masks out of the extra buntings too!

I went back to the ground floor to set up the tarpaulins. I was very nervous to ask the guards for help because I thought this wasn’t really part of their job, but I was again really blown away by their kindness! (It might be because I rarely meet security guards who are not all frown-y and snobbish, lol) The head of the security, again, helped me in setting up the tarps outside, while I wasn’t even sure at first if I was allowed to post anything outside! >3< Again, thank you, helpful CBC Corporate Center security sirs! :D


I also left this at the lobby’s reception desk so people will know where we were! :)

When I went back upstairs, some of the sellers have already arrived and have already started setting up their own booths. Francis has also begun setting up the Kawaii PH Booth, along with Mikee, her mom, and Anthony, who set up a mini lemonade stand. :)


  fleamarketIMG_1118_    fleamarketIMG_1185_


   Kaye set up our own rack and hanged our own preloved clothes on it. :D We only brought a few because they wouldn’t fit the car we rented..because the car was filled with…




Plushie Stash plushies!! <3


Anyway, here’s our dress rack. :D I wasn’t able to take a photo of our TABLE though..because it was so messy LOL!


Kaye was in-charge of the registration table, with Nona (but Nona came in the afternoon haha)

Ashley also had a booth just beside Kawaii PH’s! These are her items:



At 11 AM, the flea market was officially open!


By the way, Mikee’s lemonade is the best I’ve ever had so far! It was so refreshing! I had like 5 large plastic cups of it! :P



Armaine’s booth! That Arches watercolor block was my target if I ever earned enough that day lol! (I didn’t ;_; )


All the sellers had so many cute and affordable stuff, I wish I had enough time (and money) to go around and buy stuff. There were also a lot of premium and branded stuff that were also being sold a lot cheaper than the original price!






Naomi’s booth was literally overflowing with cute stuff! ♥


Zeon and Gia had a booth as well! ♥ (Thanks for buying us lunch, Zeon!! And for lending us your flash disk full of kawaii music^^)


Check out some photos I took of the other booths~ look at all the amazing stuff! *-*









SK and Kat’s booth, almost done setting up :3




Mica also had a booth! She sold some of her preloved art materials too!






Such kawaii outfits :D


Thanks, Kang, for this yummy red bean taiyaki! (I finished it within 1 minute???)




Accessories for 20 pesos each ($0.4)!!?? *A* ♥



Preloved art materials of Valerie Chua! *A* ♥ (oh no wallet)





Find me haha :D





One booth was selling these beautiful succulent jars! I really wish I got one for myself.


It was all good until past lunch, lots of people were coming in. At one point we almost had a full house! :)

Around 3pm, it suddenly started to rain. *_* Then it started raining hard. (With matching strong winds) What happened to the blue skies earlier this morning huhuhu TAT And from what we know about EDSA: “just add water = heavy traffic”. We began hearing from soaked-from-the-rain attendees that the traffic was just..horrible. We checked social media and found out that some people who wanted to attend were either stuck in transport or stuck in SM Megamall. Whenever the rain stopped, people arrived. For the latter part of the day, the attendees that came in became less and less, we figured that some might have just given up getting to the event. >3< At that point I was just hoping that the sellers had good enough sales somehow!

At the end of the day, despite the throbbing headache, I had a good time chatting and laughing with people. Organizing events like this is always a learning process for me (and for us!). I sincerely hope everyone had as much fun as we did. >3<


♥ I just want to put this out there, (this really goes without saying, but just to be clear with everyone) that we really don’t gain anything monetary from events like this. All the money from the booth rent and ticket sales have either gone to the expenses organizing the event, or were pooled into a general fund for future events. ^_^ We just really want to create a chance for the Kawaii PH community to get together and bond productively! :) ♥



Your smiles make it worth all the effort. ♥


As for me, I sold enough of my old clothes and preloved art materials to fund myself for our trip this weekend to Baguio! Yay I’m so excited! :D


Here are some selfies!




Lastly, here are some take-homes:


Kat were selling some home-baked chocolate fudge cupcakes which were SOOOO YUMMY! I’m actually slightly allergic to chocolate but I bought 4 boxes and so far I’ve eaten 5 cupcakes since we got home. :)) Francis and mom+dad loved them too!

PS. Kat’s bebi-poteto  confirmed that I’m pretty by laughing at me. *3* <3 #potita


Here are some of the other stuff I bought (except for the postcards because I traded one of my puffy stressballs for them with Aian/Wickedalucardsenpai :D)!! The Daniel Smith watercolors and watercolor paper block are from Valerie Chua! ♥

So that’s it! :D Lesson learned: Don’t trust clear blue skies. CHAR! Always be prepared for rain. (But how?) :))

Thanks for reading! :D See you next time!

Cheers, Chichi ♥