🌼 Inspiration Board + Workspace Tour! 🌼

Hey guys! I know my blog posts are always super long, so here’s a lighter, short one. :)


Today, I’d like to give you a short tour around my tiny workspace!


It looks really neat here but it doesn’t really stay this way. haha

By the way, the photos in this post were not taken in the same day, so you might notice some stuff changing location. I just move things around a lot without noticing (i.e. I tend to misplace stuff / forget to put them back where I took them from (γ‚œβ–½γ‚œ;))

🌈  Inspiration Board  🌈

I’m going to show you my inspiration board (which I keep on changing). ( οΎŸβˆ€ ゚)


A board filled with some of my favorite things and stuff/art/people that inspire me. :)

I really need to add more things to this board to update it though! But in the meantime, here’s a close-up look at my current inspo board! β™₯


[ Top Left ]:

πŸ’™ Purikura photos with Francis, Kaye, and Kaila – #Blessedt that there’s a purikura machine in Fairview Terraces

πŸ’™ Edward Kenway (Assassin’s Creed Black Flag) postcard by Creativ Assassin – bought this from Cosmania 2015 just after I finished playing Black Flag! Fave AC to date (2nd is Syndicate lol)

πŸ’™ Geralt (Witcher 3) – I printed out a screenshot of Geralt from my own gameplay. I love this snake armor dyed white! It’s so squishy but he looks stylishly badass. 8D Have you played Witcher 3? It’s one of my most favorite games ever. I’ve finished it like 3 times already, and I still get nostalgic whenever I think about it. ;_;

πŸ’™ Some photos of myself taken by Francis! (β‘…Λ˜Νˆ α΅• ˘͈ )


[ Top Middle ]:

πŸ’™ Photos of Chiki my smelly bear dog. The amount of love I have for this stinky fluff. <3 I have so many pictures of her. Maybe I need to dedicate a whole board for her photos haha.

πŸ’™ Miko and Mimi <3 ;_; huhuhuhuhu

πŸ’™ Fave photo from our Boracawaii trip last year!

πŸ’™ Kawaii PH fam πŸ’—

πŸ’™ Dream Girls sticker from Keesh!


[ Top Right ]:


πŸ’™ Some photos of me and my siblings <3

πŸ’™ A tiny rainbow dream catcher I bought from Boracay last year. It has a “sister” dream catcher which was bigger, which I gave to my twinnie Kaila. :3

πŸ’™ A baby picture of me posing with some bamboos … (γ‚œβ–½γ‚œ;)


[ Bottom Left ]:

πŸ’™ Purikura family photo (without Nik because as usual, he likes to stay at home -_-)

πŸ’™ Lots of photos of Francis and me (β—‘//β€Ώ//β—‘βœΏ)

πŸ’™ Picture of me as Greg from Over the Garden Wall lolol

πŸ’™ Postcard from Keeshia~


[ Bottom Center ]:

πŸ’™ Derpy collage of photos with Nona

πŸ’™ Larme-kei shoot photo with Chai, Kaye, Ashley, and achi Zeon

πŸ’™ Two “Be Nice” stickers from Keeshia (I just realized I put a lot of KITA art in my board hahaβ™₯)

πŸ’™ Adventure Time fanart postcard from Eru – I LOVE EVERYTHING ADVENTURE TIME (and I love Eru’s art too!)

πŸ’™ Mokatokki postcard from Mokatokki!

πŸ’™ Our #buwisbuhay paragliding instax photo from last year! *A*


[ Bottom Right ]:

πŸ’™ One of my many postcards from Wicked Alucard – the senpai of all senpais πŸ‘‘

πŸ’™ Mushrooms postcard from Moaniecat β™₯ Bought this from TamaCon 2015!

πŸ’™ Stickers of my face, a chicken, No Face, and Miko Jr.

So..yeah! That was my current inspiration board. I’m thinking of updating it really soon! I really want to put more things on it but..no space! ;_;

🌈  Desk Tour  🌈

Just a few pictures of what I normally have on my desk.


Recently I got a new pen organizer, so it replaced these cute cans. *_*


Pile of plush that just keeps on..piling up (γ‚œβ–½γ‚œ;)


Some of my books and magazines.


More plush hahaha


My tiny Totoro shrine :)) and a framed photo of myself LOL


My 4-year-old laptop. :) I remember choosing this because it can handle video games. 8)

As you can see, I don’t really have much space for painting on his desk. ( οΎŸβˆ€ ゚) I have another smaller portable table which I use when I’m painting or drawing on paper or eating lunch/dinner in front of my laptop haha.

Desk Update ~~~


Here’s the pen organizer I mentioned earlier!

These crocheted coasters are great for two things: iced coffee, and my water jar whenever I watercolor. I use the darker one for wiping my brush when there’s too much water in it. :)


Francis gave me this cute sticker from B-Side Label :D


I also have this scented candle that I really love. Also, a small jar of dried flowers from our garden. :)

🌈  Workspace Tour 🌈

Here’s the rest of the space~


On the right side of my desk is a space for some of my art materials, journaling materials, paper supplies, and one of my 2 printers. I used to have just the Epson one but I felt like I needed to have a CISS Canon Pixma printer too because of its borderless printing function, so I saved up for it. It’s not one of the higher-tier Pixma printers though, it’s one of the cheaper ones but it does the job well!


This photo was taken just after the GirlsGirlsGirls exhibit, hence all the paint I haven’t put away yet.


The space on the lower portion of this cabinet is for my journaling materials / sticker collection. I’ll show them to you in a different post! :)


Some drawing pads~ and spot my chunky hobonichi! haha


Pens, pencils, markers, paint tubes, etc etc etc


Wow I really need to organize these


On the left side are my Epson printer and scanner (covered with pink fabric), paint drawers, and a space where I stash all my old drawings.

Just above my inspiration board is a small cabinet filled with more plushies, toys, and collectibles. These are the contents:


Haha I have this Japanese piggy bank collection (I don’t know what it’s called but I have like 5 of them)


A portion of my Kiiroitori collection given to me by friends, mostly by Francis. :))


Maneki-neko’s and Francis’s Kapibara-san plushies


Another piggy bank! And yes, I put coins in all of them. *_*


Last but not the least, this very cute painting Kaye made for me. <3

Update ~~~

Recently, I made another board (it’s more of a rack, actually). Here’s how it looks:


It’s another inspiration board(rack!) composed of artworks that I’m so lucky to receive from awesome people~ ;A; β™₯ β™₯ β™₯


A. Gift art given to me last Creators Market by @kiwiichloe! ;A; β™₯ B. From Armaine, C. From Rian, D. From Kate, E. From Alex, F. Toast sticker from Francis lol, G. Postcard from Keeshia, H. Postcard from Aian, I. Girls Girls Girls Postcard from our exhibit. β™₯

I’m currently making another inspiration rack because I want to display all the artworks I’ve received in the past too! ((o(Β΄βˆ€ο½€)o))

I do realize that my space is too small for all of my things. #hoarderproblems #buraralife My mom always jokes that if she lights a match inside my room, my workspace will instantly catch fire because of all the clutter LOL. I have tons of stuff that I can’t display because I don’t have space for them anymore, and because they’re stored away, I forget that I have them. (γ‚œ-γ‚œ;)

But I’m already very thankful for this space!Β ( ᡘ α΅• ᡘ ⁎) It’s my tiny area in the house and so far I’ve been able to do anything I want with it. (I’m planning to put more live plants in it, a small bookshelf, and fairy lights!) Also, because it’s small, everything’s literally within my reach hahaha.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Cheers, Chichi β™₯