🌼 Inspiration Board + Workspace Tour! 🌼

Hey guys! I know my blog posts are always super long, so here’s a lighter, short one. :)


Today, I’d like to give you a short tour around my tiny workspace!


It looks really neat here but it doesn’t really stay this way. haha

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First Exhibit Ever ~ #GirlsGirlsGirls ♥

I know this reaction is horribly late but..AAahh I participated in my very first exhibit ever! Legit achievement unlocked! And it’s a group show where I exhibited with a group of very talented girl artists who I admire aaAAHHH o(; ∇ ; o)


Awesome poster made by Pam ♥

Having an art exhibit has always been just a distant and foggy dream to me. I’ve always felt that somehow I was ready but not ready at the same time, like I really want to do it but I felt too premature to try figure out how it works. Do you ever feel that way too? I guess I didn’t really think I was in the “exhibit” level just yet. I also don’t attend exhibits, so I was pretty clueless. Not that I didn’t want to, though! I just live really reeeeaally far from where these usually happen, and I always hear about them when they’re gone, haha (lame but reallife.jpg excuses)


Last November, while we were chatting in the Kawaii PH HQ, my friend Armaine expressed her interest in doing a group exhibit with some local artists before she left for Japan last April. When she asked me if I wanted to be a part of it, I immediately said YES! I remember thinking at the back of my mind “now’s my chance!” :) And exhibiting with friends and artists I admire from afar was a really good chance I didn’t want to miss. ♥

💛 Work-in-Progress 💛


I’ve always had ideas of what I wanted to paint if ever I were to do my first exhibit. Usually, deciding what to draw takes the longest time when I’m drawing, so I’m lucky that this time I have an idea of what I want. (゜▽゜;) And I’m so glad that they fit the exhibit’s theme too, which was “Girls, Girls, Girls’, in celebration of Women’s Month (our exhibit’s opening night was in March). Also, all of the artists involved were girls! :D


Girls, Girls, Girls! ✨

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Strawberries and flowers: Baguio 2017! ♥

When Ashley asked me a couple of weeks ago if we (Francis, Kaye, and I) would like to come to Baguio with them during the long weekends, I immediately said yes! Because #1: Ashley and Justin are such a good company to be with, , and #2: I’ve never been to Baguio. :)

baguio title

One week before the trip, we looked for a place to stay via AirBNB.  Ashley found a transient house which was not too far from Baguio’s city center, with a loft-type condominium unit that could fit 5-6 people. :) I saved 1,000pesos-worth of AirBNB points in my account, which we spent on the cleaning fee (which we later thought was a bit pricey, haha). We were still lucky to find a good place to stay, since the date we picked for the trip was actually the peak of Panagbenga Festival (we didn’t know this back then lol).

Note: Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival) is a month-long festival in Baguio every February, celebrating the season of blooming (spring).

day1 (250)

Warning: This post is very long and photo-heavy ^^

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Kawaii PH Flea Market

Last Saturday, the Kawaii PH Flea Market was held in Venture Space, Shaw Boulevard! I’m sure some of you have already seen some pics and posts about it, but I’d like to share with you some scenes from the *organizer’s POV*. :)



The planning started way back in December, when our friend Justine Chantelle shared with us some photos from their Lolita Meet (if I remember correctly), and some photos from Tokyo Fashion about a flea market event in Harajuku. [Thanks, Ja! ♥] The idea was to create a mini bazaar in which sellers may trade or sell their pre-loved stuff. I love thrift shops and flea markets, so I said why not! :) The rest of the KPH team was very excited as well when I shared the idea with them. Plus, giving a new home to preloved clothes is a lot more eco-friendly than throwing them away and buying new ones. Reuse, reduce, recycle! :)

In January, we opened a thread in the Kawaii PH Groups for venue suggestions. The venue needed to be in the middle of EDSA, somewhere between North and South Metro Manila. One Kawaii PH Community member, Rin, suggested Venture Space, a new events place in Shaw Boulevard. They gave us a discount on the rental fee since it’s our first time there! :D

We visited the place around the start of February to see how it looks like in person. It was really nice and spacious, and it even has its own cafe inside! :) The only problem we observed is that it’s on the 2nd floor of the building, so we need extra effort to make it more accessible, which is not really that much of a problem if we set up a tarp outside and guide posters, especially since the building is just a 5-minute walk from Starmall Shaw! :)


They have cute latte art too! ♥


Kaye, Mikee, and me negotiating with Rin haha :)) Photo by Francis!

After the ocular visit + initial deposit, we finally opened booth registrations. :) We planned to have 20 booths.

Photo 31-01-2017, 6 13 37 PM

The registration was off to a good start, and half of the booths were already rented by the first week! :) Lots of people liked and shared our posters, which is always a good sign. :D

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[Better-late-than-never-post] Let’s Draw Cute Things with LMP ♥ Workshop 2

Hello! Just want to share with you some photos from one of my two workshops last year! I know, this is literally so last year but like always, the memories are so precious that they couldn’t go undocumented. :)


This is the poster I made for the workshop. I set the level to beginner but really, anyone was welcome to join!

♥ Preparations ♥


Before the last week of August, all slots were already taken. I was so relieved! This time, the workshop would be held at the Kawaii PH HQ, so one week before the workshop, we went there to do some general cleaning. While cleaning we found some memorabilia from past Kawaii PH events. Our team doesn’t get to meet up that often nowadays, because of our busy schedules and the fact that we live too far from each other. *Sigh* This general cleaning has become so nostalgic.. T_T


Note/Update: As of today, we have moved out of the Kawaii PH HQ due to reasons beyond my control. :( Typing all these stuff about our good memories there is breaking my heart, but it feels therapeutic as well to get it off my chest.

We used the 2nd floor of the HQ as a stockroom too so there was so much stuff lying around! It was really messy because we rarely get the chance (or motivation, sorry I just realized we were just lazy) to do a general cleaning.


I organized the mess and the tons of boxes we had (got a back injury from lifting a super heavy box full of books), Kaye cleaned the walls, and Francis cleaned the tables and everything else. The outcome was unbelievable, hahaha. We did a great job. *thumbs up*

♥ Workshop Day ♥


Tadaaa~ We totally transformed the HQ!

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