The Perks of Being a Wildflower

Ironically subtitled “The Misadventures of a Non-art student/graduate” (also applies to anyone who is working a job that is not art-related but would very much like to). Or: “Fantastic Rackets and Where to Find them” *nervous laugh* I’m so sorry haha >< People always ask me about how I earn a living from my drawings, especially when I don’t have formal studies to back me up. So here’s a personal blog post about how not being able to pursue formal art education was not the end of the world for me (or you too, if you like).


I’m a Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduate, and a board passer too.

Not being able to study art in college would possibly be one of my regrets in life, if I had any. But anyway, in the back of my mind, as an artist, I’ve always sort of considered myself a wildflower. Like the ones you find growing freely on the side of the road, in meadows and forests and rocky mountains. It’s a super cheesy metaphor, I know, but please humor me. :) Like a wildflower growing in the… wild, constantly adapting to the environment, finding and using whatever resources are available no matter how scarce they are, and just basically *trying* to survive on my own.

I’m not comparing art graduates and non-art graduates though! It’s just a little metaphor I used to use to console myself whenever I felt bad about not being able to pursue art studies. I always try to remind myself of the positives, like how wildflowers have their own charm just as roses in a garden do. Each person is given a certain environment to adapt to and a set of situations to work with, and how one deals with that makes the difference.


Like what I said earlier, “wildflower” is just my fancy way of saying “a self-taught freelance artist with no (or very very little) educational background or formal training in visual/fine art”. Someone who won’t qualify in that first line of the hiring post: “Must be a graduate of an art-related course”. That sure sounds tough, especially when almost all design companies and art-related positions require a diploma (or at least here in the Philippines). That’s understandable, since the easiest way to effectively validate your qualifications is with a legal document that proves you have actually studied it and that you do know how to do your job. Quite reasonable, but, tough luck, because finding a job is hard enough with a diploma.. what more without one?

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Kawaii Stationery Party!

Hello! I finally have a bit of extra time to blog, whee! :) I know I have a lot of other things I need/want to blog about, but I just feel like I need to blog about our most recent event first, the ♥ Kawaii Stationery Party ♥ while the memories are still fresh! So, here goes~

My friends and most of my instagram followers probably know that I’ve rediscovered my love for journaling recently, as influenced by my friend Kaila (Rainbowholic) (she even gave me a Hobonichi Techno as a gift! I’ll post something about my #hobonichichi experience here hopefully this month), and best-selling author/artist-friend >///< Abbey Sy (we attended her new book #ABCsofJournaling launch last September, will also blog about it soon haha I told you I have a lot of other past events I need to blog about :)))! Most of my co-teammates in Kawaii PH caught the journaling fever too, especially Ashley and my sister Kaye.


Coming soon: my #hobonichichi blog post featuring my super fat hobonichi hahaha

So when Moonleaf contacted us for a possible event collaboration, a journaling event was the first thing that came to our mind! We wanted a very chill event where people can just hang out, do some journaling, share stationery, and shop for stickers! We also wanted to give some stationery sellers and sticker artists an opportunity to market their stuff. Moonleaf has also just released their planner for 2017, so it was just fitting! :)

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Inconsistent aesthetics, fun shoots at home, and random thoughts


Shirt, hat, and DMs from a local thrift shop ♥

Hello! Time for an out-of-the-blue blog post from me again! :)

Today’s topic is really light, just a bunch of photos and the reason why I keep on having random shoots like this at home.

But first, a very 2005 “Me, Right Now” segment! °˖✧( ◞・౪・)✧˖°

Feeling: Generally happy, but right now slightly amazed/annoyed/SMH at our neighbor who sang karaoke all night. @_@

Working On: Finishing this blog post as soon as I can because the internet might disappear on me again ! ><

Eating/Drinking: Hotdogs

Listening to: The still ongoing alcohol-fueled-karaoke-singing of our neighbors 💧💧💧

Smelling: Candied dilis (tiny tiny tiny dried anchovies) my mom is currently cooking

Wanting: To watch Alice: Through the Looking Glass T__T (still haven’t watched it yet, I’m broke aghh)

Loving: The fact that it’s already rainy season here. I love the rain so much ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ (Francis passed by and just saw me typing this, and said “Loving: Francis” LOL OK (=´∇`=)


Aside from the fact that I just really want to show you these pretty photos Francis has been taking of me recently, I also want to express how much I love dressing up, even if I’m not actually going out.

??? (> 3 <) ???? Why, you ask?

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Boracawaii 2016 Part 2 ~ Day 4 – Day 8 ♥

Hi!! Thanks for following our #Boracawaii2016 story! We’re just halfway done with our trip and we’ve already checked a lot of stuff from our trip’s bucket list! ;w; For your reference, part 1 can be found here: LINK

☁ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☁

Boracay 201613

On day 4, we decided to go island hopping! :D

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Boracawaii 2016 Part 1 ~ Day 0 – Day 3 ♥

Day 7 (10)

Subtitle: “How to survive 9 days in Boracay Island on a tight budget.. and have tons of fun” HAHAh

Hello! I just got back last Tuesday from a super fun, 9-day summer vacation with friends! That’s why I haven’t been able to respond to emails and messages for the past week (I’m sorry!), also, because the internet connection back here in Bulacan is extremely slow, as compared to Boracay island’s ultra fast LTE connection (which I’m already missing right now OTL). I will get back to business as soon as I finish writing these posts (part 1 and 2), thanks for your patience! ✌

As mentioned earlier, I shall be dividing the whole trip into two posts. For the first part/post, I’ll be sharing Day 0 – Day 3 of our whole trip! This will be image-heavy (we made sure to take LOTS of pictures, hehe), so heads up I guess :P

☁ ☁ ☀ ☁ ☁

title Day 0 (5)

Day 0 – Boracay here we come!

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