Kawaii and My Creative Process

Hi! Okay so before anything else, let me do a quick “Me, Right Now”. I wasn’t able to do this last time because my previous post (2015 recap) was already super duper long enough. 💧 Not that it’s relevant but doing it keeps me in touch with what’s currently happening to me, right now.

Feeling: Not sleepy even though it’s already 4:30am (this is normal, I promise)

Working On: Finishing everything I need to blog today (Sunday) before I can finally get back to work that has already piled up

Eating/Drinking: Nothing. I just finished my iced coffee an hour ago. I’m really hungry though. I want some noodles ;_;

Watching: Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl for the 3rd time

Listening to: Greg and Rachel fight ;_; (from Me, Earl, and the Dying Girl)

Smelling: Early morning hamog (dew) ??? haha

Wanting: To eat some noodles!!!

Loving: Cheese in the Trap (both the drama and the webtoon) Haha 💧💧💧 I can relate to Hong Seol so much, it’s crazy. From her problems at school, her problems with money LOL, the way she thinks and observes people, her hair, obviously, haha, and some other stuff I can’t say publicly because.. it’s private. Hahahah ✌

Okay so now that’s out of the way, I’ll get started with the main topic of this blog post. ^-^v


All the jitters. ;A;

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My Very Late 2015 Recap

Hello! I’ve been trying to finish posting this since last month but my internet connection didn’t want to cooperate at all, haha. I know this is horribly late, but my 2015 has been such a wonderful adventure that it’d be a shame if it goes un-documented! ≧∇≦ So, here’s my *immensely photo-heavy* post about the memories from the past year that I shall forever keep. ♥

01 a january title

January~ The Monday of the year. >3< This year, “Monday” greeted me with so many blessings!

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Welcome to me ♪

Hi everyone!!!

Welcome to my official website (aaah) and personal blog! I’ve been working on this since last year but I haven’t been able to finish it in time due to my schedule. But now, finally, here it is! Yaayy partyy


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