Terms and Conditions Regarding the Use of my Artworks

Hi! Time for a serious matter. I'm putting this here too since my art blog and gallery are also connected to this website. Please do read this page carefully and with understanding.

I am very thankful that through the internet, my artworks are appreciated around the world, and that I get to inspire a lot of people. It is really a dream come true. However, due to the series of art thefts involving my artworks, I have decided to set these rules to protect myself as an artist.

You may use or share my artworks ONLY UNDER THESE CONDITIONS:

1. For personal use only. (Example: stickers on your journal, getting it tattooed on your own body, making it your phone wallpaper). Personal = you may only use it for and by yourself, with no profit in mind whatsoever. So unless you commissioned me for it, you may not give it as a gift to anyone.

Commercial use: You may only use my art for purposes other than personal use if we have an agreement, or if you commercially commissioned me for it beforehand. Otherwise, you absolutely may not use my existing artworks for commercial purposes. This includes using my artwork to advertise your brands/products. I will also not allow you to use them as materials for your blogs/websites (example: Blog headers, unless I explicitly caption them as “FREE BLOG HEADERS”). If you want my artworks, you may hire me or ask me for a commission.

Educational use: You may use my drawings as a material for teaching. You may not use my artworks for your assignments and projects and insinuate that these artworks were done by you.

2. You will properly credit me by:

Step 1: Mentioning my name (Chichi Romero) and/or my brand name (Little Miss Paintbrush). If the artwork is commissioned by a company, you will also need to mention the name of the company (examples: Japan Lover Me (Japonisme), Total Girl Philippines (Summit Media)).

Step 2: Posting the link to my website hello.chi-chi.me, my art blog (www.littlemisspaintbrush.tumblr.com), and/or my instagram account (@chichilittle)

Step 3: Including the link to the original art on your post.

Example: Artwork by Chichi Romero / Little Miss Paintbrush. Website: hello.chi-chi.me Original post: http://littlemisspaintbrush.tumblr.com/post/132962702260/japaneseyokai

3. You may not edit, alter, or crop my artwork in any way.

4. Relevant to the previous condition, you may not remove my signature, watermark, and URL from my artworks. I consider this as a foul offense. Should you need an un-watermarked version of one of my artworks, kindly send me an email (regarding why you need one) at the address that I will post at the end of this page.

Regarding tracing and copying my artworks:

Just to make it clear, I am okay with tracing and copying my artworks ONLY IF YOU USE IT TO LEARN. Here are my conditions:

1. As mentioned above, you may only trace or copy my art if you are trying to learn how to draw.

2. If you are going to post it online, you need to credit me properly (PLEASE REFER TO CREDITING TERMS ABOVE). You also need to mention on your post that you copied it from me.

3. You will not claim it as your own idea and style, and you may not use it commercially.

4. I reserve the right to confirm if you copied or traced my work.

If you fail to follow all of these conditions, I will consider it as a violation of my rights as an artist, and I will have the right to send you a complaint, which may lead to a legal issue if not resolved properly.

Possible actions I might take should you fail to follow these conditions:

1. I will send you a complaint by commenting on your post, sending you a direct message, or sending you an email.

2. Whether or not you reply to my complaint, I reserve the right to share/post about the issue to seek advice from my friends and readers, even publicly.

3. Unless the issue has been resolved on my terms, I will seek legal counsel. (Very stressful and costly on your part and mine, so let’s avoid this, shall we?)

I also reserve the right to add and/or revise certain rules depending on what I see fit on different situations.

These are the terms that I have set regarding the use of my art. I do hope that you will respect these terms.

If you do like my art, and you would like to support me, you can buy my prints from www.kawaii.ph/store (as long as they are available), or you can commission me.

You can also help me by reporting any suspicious posts that may have been using my art without my permission. Please report it to me by sending an email to littlemisspaintbrush*at*yahoo*dot*com, then I'll take care of the rest. Also, for related inquiries, you may contact me on the same email.

Thank you very much!